salt water changing station.

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salt water changing station.

Post by Mn. reef crzy on Fri Jan 15, 2010 8:52 pm

k well it is not done but i did decide to go with barrels. I was going to have Ben make some acrylic tanks but now he is in Colorado it really was not worth shipping. Found a guy that was selling these barrels, they were used to house water softener solution, and they were triple rinsed, 20 bucks each, tuff to beat. Bought a couple now have to decide what to do with them, i am open to suggestions. I was thinking about piggy backing them with a ball valve. That way you would have a 100 gallons of R/O on hand when they are filled. Shut the valve and mix on one side and put another valve on the bottom of each for draining and water usage, both RO and Salt. Gravity feed to my sump for top off.

Also thanks to dobbs on tcmas i got this for a great deal. I am using it to dose a certain amount of ml to my calcium reactor every minute and to dose kalk at night for ph swings. So far very impressed with accuracy. Programming is kinda lame because it is not based of a 24 hr day. So it does not run on a clock. I use my controller to regulate when kalk is being mixed and have to dose a certain amount threw reactor all day, but so far that is the only dissapointing thing.

Other than that just looking for some input on the drums. Look forward to getting my RO tank out of fish room and in utility room. It will be nice to have more room in there, really need it.

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