Red sea wavemaster pro !

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Red sea wavemaster pro !

Post by orange bam bams on Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:19 am


The Ultimate Wavemaker

WaveMaster Pro creates randomly flowing and ever changing water
currents in an aquarium by automatically switching powerheads on and off
with its microprocessor controller.

The effect the Wavemaster
Pro creates in the aquarium is dramatic: not only corals but also other
aquarium inhabitants display their natural "bloom" and behavior.

Wavemaster Pro offers several smart options and settings that make this
device suitable for practically every marine aquarist and aquarium set
up. Maximum power load up to 720W.

New sells for $160 asking $90 in nice condition works perfect ! Can control up to 4 powerheads or 3 powerheads and a main pump ! It is about 2years old and sat outta service for about 9 of those months let me know thanks 4 looking ! Also may have a GBTA 4 sale or trade if he doesn't stop moving little bugger !
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