Eclipse 3 Lighting/Filtration Hood

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Eclipse 3 Lighting/Filtration Hood

Post by TMF89 on Mon Dec 27, 2010 6:14 pm


Hey guys. I'm updating my 29g to a reef, and obviously the Eclipse system's lighting won't cut it. It's a two bulb fixture that puts out a total of around 40 watts, I believe. The filter portion has a section for media and a section for a biowheel. Obviously you could put whatever you want in there. The filter moves 150 gph. It's great for a freshwater system, or a FOWLR with a little extra filtration. It has two ports in the back that are about two inches wide by four inches tall for accessories. I'm so new to SW that I'm not sure if it'd fit a HOB skimmer or not, but I thought I'd mention them. They go for around $115 new online, but I just want to get rid of this one. Nothing wrong with it at all. $75?


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