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Jolene on the news

Post by blennieluvr on Thu Jan 27, 2011 2:08 pm

Jolene doesn't get online much to participate in the club here but she does consider herself a club member and helped out with the last swap. (She was serving up the pizza and baked goods.) I'm sure she would do so again if we ever decided to have another. She has had a hard year and thankfully, she now has her own reef tank to calm her nerves and provide a little something "just for her".

Anyway, she had really tough 2010. Part of her hardships were mentioned on our local news last night and I thought I'd post it up so you guys know about it. Her and her granddaughter's (whom she has custody of) story are the first covered.

I've not wanted to share her personal info on the club site but now that it's local news, I guess it's OK for me to share. She also lost her husband to cancer last March. (That part isn't on the newscast but it is mentioned in the Bemidji paper so again, I think I can now share it.) Sad

She's a great gal and I hope those of you who don't know her get to meet her soon.

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