93 rimless cube/stand/equipment/livestock sale super nice setup, Hibbing, MN

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93 rimless cube/stand/equipment/livestock sale super nice setup, Hibbing, MN

Post by Rskillz on Sun Sep 28, 2014 5:13 pm

Hey guys, life happens, so I'm looking to sell this setup. I'd love to just sell it all in one swoop, but I know that's going to be tough. But it's going to be an amazing deal. I'm a few hours north of Minneapolis. I may be able to meet halfway for dropoff if reasonable


90 gallon rimless cube

Custom Stand/Canopy

Vortech MP40

2 ReefLEDlights p47 LED fixtures, run at 180watts each (run by Apex)

Reeflo return pump

Reef Octopus SRO 3000int

1 Phosban 550 running BRS carbon

1 Phosban 150 running GFO

Neptune Apex w/ EB8 and EB4

2x BRS dosers

BRS 5 stage RO/DI

60 gallon sump

Netgear wireless adapter

Tons of various other stuff: Filter socks, filter sock holder, alk+calc+mag mix, RO/DI replacement filters, various foods, mag float, fans, ethernet cords, tons of plumbing, valves, etc.


70ish pounds of live rock

Lots of inverts (2x cleaner shrimp, various hermits/snails, orange linkia starfish, rose bubble tip nem, Derasa clam)


Blue Hippo Tang
Yellow Tang
Midas Blenny
Two Clowns
Lawnmower Blenny
Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse
Leopard wrasse


Lots of Zoanthid - 15+ polyps, rastas, 3+polpys darth mauls, purple hornets, red hornets, blue hornets, tubbs blue, fruit loops, Sunny Ds, Belladonnas, 10+ unnamed of various colors

Fish and frags strawberry watermelon chalice at least 12+ eyes

1 1/2 inch JF jack o lantern lepto

Bright red wellso w/highlights

Few Blasto heads

Monti setosa, Hawkins blue, purp bonsai, stylo, various SPS mini colonies/frags

Torch 5+ heads yellow tips

Frogspawn 4+ heads

Probably missing a lot, all I can think of right now.

Looking to get $2400 OBO for whole entire setup or $2,000 OBO for setup alone, I'm over 7k? into the setup. It's hard to sell it all together, but would be easier, if no bites, I will part it all out.

If anyone just wants all the livestock, I can ship that for $500 flat fedex.

Any questions just PM me, I'll gpTHi Ryan,



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Re: 93 rimless cube/stand/equipment/livestock sale super nice setup, Hibbing, MN

Post by cdness on Mon Sep 29, 2014 11:17 am

Hi Ryan,

You have a nice setup! Good luck selling it as a whole, but I know how difficult that can be.

If you decide to part things out let me know as I may be interested in the zoas and the EB4 depending on price.

SpeeDee Delivery is a very cheap overnight shipper. You may want to list on RedRiverValleyReefers.com to get a few more to see the listing. The cost difference to ship wouldn't be much difference going the extra distance to the Fargo area.
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