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UV Sterilizer

Post by HSCmember on Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:10 pm

I had to remove the blue hippo from the science center tank again, one eye glazed over, some slime going on..not as bad as the first time. She responded immediately to antibiotics. I still have her quarantined trying to figure out how to prevent a 3rd episode. There was about 4 months between the two bouts that we have had. What I've done is order a UV sterilizer: TMC Ultra Violet Sterilizer/Clarifier; Vecton/Advantage 15 watt and from everything I can read, it looks like this could help. I should have it by the 20th. No other fish appear affected and I don't see any real aggression between the sailfin and hippo.

Does anyone have much experience with UV Sterilizers? There is a Current Gamma 25 watt used sitting on the shelf but from what I can see it is undersized for this tank plus would need at the very least a bulb I'm sure. If anyone is interested in it, for a "donation" to the tank it can be yours.
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