MiniWaters.FISH - new online retail from Matt Pedersen

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MiniWaters.FISH - new online retail from Matt Pedersen

Post by mpedersen on Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:27 am

Hey all, for a few reasons, as of Jan 1, 2016, I opened up my wholesale offerings to retail purchasers as well. You can find what I have at any given moment on the new website, www.MiniWaters.FISH

Yes, these are retail prices, and yes, you'll have to pay sales tax. Shipping is very affordable here however...SpeeDee means I can get you something for like $10-$20 overnight; super affordable.

I'm still offering wholesale to qualified shops, retailers and select breeders as well, but on certain items (eg. high end Lightning Maroon Clownfish) it was getting to the point that I had people all over the country who wanted them, but couldn't find shops to offer them, so I'd wind up sitting on them. There's a lot more than just Lightning Maroons however, so please if you're so inclined, visit us at www.MiniWaters.FISH and "Like" our page on Facebook -
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