ASM G-2 forsale.

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ASM G-2 forsale.

Post by icereefer on Sun Nov 23, 2008 11:59 am

Hi I'm going to be selling My G-2 here soon so I thought i would post it going up for sale here and some other local area's before I post in RC.
The only Reason I'm selling it is because I'm going to be adding my Frag tank to my sump on my display tank and I needed a Skimmer that will handle a bigger Bioload. so I picked up a MSX 200.
Will post pic's later.

All that goes with my G-2 and Mod listings.

2- Sedra 3500 pumps ones the needle wheel the other has a mess mod on the impeller.
Extra chamber gasket (Big) and collector cup Gasket (smaller one).
the collector cup has a modded drain outlet on it for easy draining.
and I have the Gatevalve mod on it to for easy water level setting.

I'm looking to get $210 Plus shipping.

20 gal Tank: good for using as a frag tank or small nano tank with star board bottom /home made canopy with moon lights, holds a 150 watt optix pendent ( MH not included) .
$40 Pick up only.

Phosban Reactor 150g and media. $38 plus shipping. ( reactor Use 1 week. New media).

will have other items later. time to do some tank room storage cleaning.
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