Nano build questions

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Nano build questions

Post by blennieluvr on Fri Dec 12, 2008 5:03 pm

I'm getting ready to build a nano tank at work. I'm not going to spend a lot on it. I wouldn't be all that suprised if I was asked to take it down at some point. I checked with my sup though and he said I could go head.

So far I've got:
a regular 10 gal tank
96 watt PC's on the way...needs new bulbs. Has LED for night viewing which I'm totally excited about
50 watt heater
HOB filter that I'll probably put some rubble rock in
I might tuck some cheato behind a rock somewhere
sand, water, some inhabitants will come from my tank at home

Need to get:

not sure about corals...I'll take frags of the stuff I like best in my tank that don't spread too fast
sexy shrimp
maybe a pair of little clowns?
firefish or royal gramma?

I thought I'd do a gallon or two water change each week.

What do you think? I'm looking for feedback?

I'm sure I wouldn't be in the running for the nano build contest because of the ghetto plan for this tank. However, if someone could bring back info about the nano build, that would be great. Maybe I'd be pursuaded to upgrade my plans a bit. Cool

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Re: Nano build questions

Post by GoingPostal on Fri Dec 12, 2008 6:05 pm

Ok well since you are getting my light and I've had a 10 gallon set up a few different times I'll give you what I got. For equipment, first time around I think it was an Aquaclear 100? one of the bigger ones, this worked really well for flow actually, I didn't run any powerheads when I had that filter on it. My heater is a little visitherm, I don't remember how many watts but 50 sounds right. I have a little coralife thermometer but those are junk, I've had several that are way the heck off so either buy two or have a glass one handy so you know what the temp actually is, my coralife on the 10 gallon runs about 7 degrees low. I have the nano magfloat also. I never ran a skimmer but didn't have fish in it either.
That was the first setup

Then we moved and the bigger aquaclear went on the 33 so now there's a aquaclear 20 and I ran a powerhead on the side, this was still really low flow but nothing in there seemed to care.
Same heater and everything else, last setup here

Get some eggcrate if you want a fish in there, I would go for a cute little shrimp goby and shrimp if you can find one or the firefish. It really seems too small for clownfish to me but I see a lot of people doing it. I always did 1 gallon water changes once a week but nothing in there really got fed or added waste so that helped. I found rock rubble to be kind of pain in the filter, seems to collect detrius and make it harder to clean out, I also never really run carbon or filter floss though unless it's needed. Sexy shrimp are cool, there's a lot of other small shrimp and inverts you can add too, I've always been into the inverts.

For corals I like a good mix, lots of color, mushrooms are good for this but can also get out of control, candy canes are perfect, so are blastos, small and non aggressive. Leathers and clove polyps are nice nano choices too. I ran lobos and favias fine under that lighting so a low light brain is an option too. If you make this too fun nobody is going to work though.... Laughing

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