this was on craigslist in fargo

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this was on craigslist in fargo

Post by tattooedreefer on Sat Jan 17, 2009 10:59 pm

30" Coralife Lunar Aqualight™ Deluxe Series - Double Linear Strip with
1-65 watt Actinic and 1-65 watt 10,000K™ Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Straight Pin Base with TWO 3/4 watt Blue 470nm LEDs and TWO Cooling

* Brand new Lunar Aqualights are for those who want a complete
lighting solution for their reef tanks. You can do dusk/dawn AND
moonlight at night.

* A great unit from a reputable company, these powerful compact fluorescent units are high quality!

* A complete hood system, ready to be placed over your tank.

* Dual 65W bulb unit (130W of PC Light!).

* 1x 65W Coralife 10,000K Daylight, 1x 65W Coralife Actinic Compact
Fluorescent Lamp plus two 3/4 watt Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LEDs included
in the price.

* The two 3/4 watt Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LEDs are built into the
unit. They are located approx. 4 1/2" in from the edges, lengthwise.

* Plug-n-play unit!

* Built-in Electronic Ballast.

* Sleek Aluminum Housing is finished in matte black color, look really sharp.

* Highly-Polished Reflector on interior to increase light in your tank.

* Acrylic Lens Cover.

* 3 On/Off switches and 3 power cords for separate timers.

* 2 fans built into this unit! The fans are positioned on the top
of the fixture (blowing upward), not on the sides. Please note: there
are 4 holes on the fixture, but only 2 have fans in them, the other 2
have fan screens only and are the INTAKE for the fans.

* Dimensions -Unit alone: 30" x7" x2 1/2".

* The optional mounting legs will raise the unit 1 1/2" high over
the top of the tank, and the legs can expand to fit 2.5" longer than
the unit itself. In other words, this 30" unit can be mounted on a
32.5" long tank, with the mounting legs installed.

* The mounting legs can fit tanks smaller than the unit's length,
since they mount in a channel that runs the entire length of the

Item is never used and still in box, Asking $120 OBO


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