Last of the Livestock - It All Has to Go.

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Last of the Livestock - It All Has to Go.

Post by koop on Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:11 pm

I hate for my first post to be in the classified section but I'm breaking down my reef and taking a break for a few a while. If you're worried about my post count I have plenty at Reef Central and TCMAS I can point you to. All the corals are in the cities but I will be in Duluth Friday 9/25 late or possibly Saturday 9/26 morning. If I'm bringing livestock up I will require pre-paid PayPal and a little bit extra for fees. Thanks, Bryan

2 large rhodactis shrooms $20

Two year old bonded pair ORA Black Ocellaris Clowns, Iíve had them for 18 months now and I expect they will start spawning in the next 6 months. They will host in an RBTA. RBTA is sold. Gorgeous and perfect. $95

Brown Goby - Plenty of personality and not shy at all. $10

Green LPS $50

Red and Green Brain $50

Purple Echino/Chalice/ I have no idea you tell me $40


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